TAIAO (2021)
Kiriata kupu kāore - nonverbal film


Whatungarongaro te tangata, toitū te whenua

As people disappear from sight, the land remains

TAIAO explores how we as a multicultural people use New Zealand’s natural environment through a nonverbal, documentary experience; comparing the wonders of our taiao, our nature, and the advent of man. Communicating the consequences of our industries and our reckoning with colonisation non-verbally allows us to glimpse a sustainable, equitable future, while acknowledging an unsustainable present.


With the content of a nature documentary, edited like a music video, and composed using the soundscape of native taonga puoro alongside electronic synths, TAIAO’s experimental approach distills the cinematic experience into its pure form while allowing the audience to make up their own minds on what it has to say. Without using words, how can we communicate our historical, industrial, and future relationship with our environment?

TAIAO was selected and commissioned through the Someday Stories Season 5, a sustainability focused web series by Aoteatora’s emerging filmmakers. Produced through the Tauranga Moana based film company Kaponga Pictures, the film itself explores sustainability and colonisation through the lens of Tauranga expression the wider impacts on Aotearoa at large.